Small update

I figure if I just do a monthly update it’ll be easier instead of doing small updates I can do larger ones less often.

  • I am still working out and kind of dieting (I am mostly just watching how much I eat rather than what I eat). Today is day 35, and I started going for longer walks (3.8 miles) in the mornings. I have no idea how much weight I’ve lost, but last time I was weighted which was in January I was down 12 pounds. I am down two notches in my belt so far.
  • I signed up for a second 5K, it’ll be in November. I plan on mostly walking for the first one in April, but will be running as much as I can for the second one. Bob and I will be meeting up with the friend of mine that I’ll be doing the 5k’s with this weekend for the first time.
  • My therapist who I was seeing once a week is now out on maternity leave and she will be gone for 3 months. She assigned me a new therapist for while she is gone but that person is taking most of the patients from her so Inwill only get to see her every other week starting next month. 
  • Celebrated my 28th birthday. Bob and I went to Universal Orlando with a friend of ours and had a blast. I didn’t take as many photos as I would’ve liked too, but I did take a few. Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade were definitely the highlights of the trip for me, it was like walking into the movies, there was so much detail put into everything. I didn’t buy a wand this time because I didn’t want to carry it around on all of the rides, but next time I will for sure be getting one.(We ended up getting anual passes because just going the 2 days that we went would’ve cost half the price of annual passes for us both)
  • I got a new CPAP machine on Tuesday and its pretty fancy. They decided to put me on a full face mask which is taking a little getting used to because I have been using just a nose mask for the last two years. So far I have been sleeping pretty well. I haven’t noticed a change in energy yet like they said would probably happen, but it’s far easier to get up in the mornings since I am sleeping much deeper at night.
  • For the last 2 months I have had really bad dry mouth and I finally figured out which medication was causing it and stopped taking it and I have been fine since. It was so embarassing when I had to make phone calls and I had a bad lisp. Bob actually thought I might’ve been having an allergic reaction because it was that bad that it sounded like my tongue was swollen.
  • Uploaded some of my shirt designs on Teepublic

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