Huge step and a bad milestone

Today is day 4 of my journey and I made a big step and a huge commitment. This April I will be participating in a 5K fun run at Epcot. A friend of mine from Facebook let me know about Disneys events and we had been talking for a few days about them and then some spots opened up for the 5K. It is going to be Star Wars themed, Disneyland is the Light side and Disney World is the Dark side.

I am anxious and nervous, I don’t want to be the slowest person there or slow down my friend, but he assured me that there will be slower people than me. I am excited though, this would be my first chance since high school to earn something and not everyone can say that they have participated in a 5K before. If I had to say, I would say that my anxiety and excitement are even right now.

Now onto the bad news… Today something happened that I swore would never happen, something that is going to make me commit to my walking and dieting even more: I found out that I weight 300 pounds. That means I need to lose 110 pounds to get to my goal weight of 190. I am not happy at all with the news, pretty depressed to be honest. I just gathered up and threw all of the carb heavy food out of the house. This is a huge wake up call for me, and I don’t want to fail. 

Any and all support will be appreciated 


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