New Relationship and Huge News

So since my last blog post a lot has changed. I have a new boyfriend named Bob, and he is the sweetest person I have ever met. He makes me so happy and it’s hard for me to keep a smile off of my face when I am with him. 11403463_10153516414793777_1701932465050070878_n   I have moved back to Washington because I needed some of my medications again and need to continue my therapy (which I will get to next). Moving back here is kind of putting a strain on my relationship with Bob because we can’t see each other any more (besides through skype), but I believe we love each other enough and we will make it through this rough patch. We already know that we want to live together, and we are in the early stages of looking at places and are saving as much as we can so we can get back together soon. I have to go through the intake process at Sound Mental Health again (I am going to do it tomorrow morning) because I was removed from the program for being inactive since I was up in Ontario for nearly a month. This also means that I will more than likely have a new therapist, which is a a bummer because I really liked my old therapist. Most people that know me, know it takes me trusting someone before opening up about every day stuff, but when it comes to deep things like my relationship with my dad/Tom, things like the death of my grandparents and loss of really good friends, and especially things like what Rich (read my past post about religion) did to me, it takes a huge amount of trust and it’s not just something I can open up about right away so I am nervous about having to start a brand new therapist/client relationship all over again. I am currently homeless. I am staying in a hotel until Friday and then after that I have no idea where I will be staying. Staying with family wouldn’t work out. My sister doesn’t want me staying with her and my mom and since my sister is in her “rebel” years, it’s frustrating being told to “f*** off” constantly and being yelled at, so living with her and my mom wouldn’t be healthy for me. Another possible option I thought I had housing wise was staying with my grandparents (from my dads side), but my dad said that they said I can’t stay with them because he is currently staying with them and they already want him out of the picture so they don’t want me there too. I tried calling about 20 low income housing places in King County, but none of them had openings or else they had 3+ year long waiting lists and I wouldn’t be able to get into a place quickly like I need. And wait for it… *cues drum roll* I just found out an hour ago that I was re-accepted into the HEN (Housing and Essential Needs) program through DSHS, which will hopefully help me get a place to stay soon. The weird thing is that I never reapplied for the program. I was accepted for it over a year ago when I was living with my grandma, but since I was staying with her I didn’t need the program and you can only be in it for a year before they remove you. I found out today after I applied for assistance through DSHS’s website and got a phone call from one of the workers wondering why I was applying for assistance when I was already in the HEN program and that would give me more assistance in having shelter since I mentioned in my application that I am homeless. I got a hold of my case worker today shortly after hearing the good news and he gave me the contact number for the HEN program (the letter informing me of my acceptance was sent to my grandmas old address and wasn’t forwarded to my new mailing address so I didn’t have it) and I called in at 4:40 and even though they say their hours are from 8-5, the phone lines were already closed. That just means I will have to call tomorrow after doing my intake interview with SMH and start getting everything going. Words can’t explain how excited I am about the news. I have been hoping and praying for God to help me out so I won’t end up in a shelter or on the streets and it truly feels like this is Gods work. The ball isn’t rolling yet though and I don’t have a place yet, so I am hoping I don’t jinx it by saying anything or jump the gun and get ahead of myself, but the HEN program will help me with paying rent so I can get a place to stay so I am super excited. I wanted to share this news with you all since this is kind of my “private place” to discuss my life or vent. Now excuse me while I go do a little dance. (joking, scary I know)


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