Update (sorry, I’ve been busy)

Wow my life has been busy the past two weeks, I am just now getting some free time to update this thing. I’ll do this post a bit differently and do it it sections.

The Job– Awesome! The job at Nintendo has been great and I’ve made a bunch of friends there already. I can’t say much about the job (had to sign tons of papers and I’m sure there was something in there about not talking about the specifics of what we do), but I can say that it’s pretty physical and it’s actually really fun. I have already received one pay check that was just for one day and I can say that the pay is good too. My hours are from 7-3:45 Monday- Friday so they are good, the job keeps me busy during the day.

My first pay check

 The only problem I am having with the job is that my hands have been super sore the last few days. My knuckles hurt and my middle finger on my right hand goes numb a lot for some reason. Luckily once I start working I really don’t notice the pain at all.

New House- John and I moved into a new apartment this past week and we both really like it so far. We are almost completely moved out of our old place and should be done there this weekend.

John at the Oregon Zoo

John’s Changes– John has started at a new job and school has started up again. He is pretty stressed, but I’ve been trying my hardest to help him out.  I’m sure he will do great at both once he gets going.

Riding The Bus– Along with the new job has come a big change for me and I have begun riding the bus. I’ve always had some anxiety with having to use public transportation, but I don’t really have any other option and it’s been surprisingly easy. I am still having to work on knowing what stops to get off at though,

The Seahawks- Man have they been good so far! I am really liking how the defense has been and if the last game is any indication of what the season is going to be like for Russell Wilson, I guarantee we will do well. I don’t wan to jinx the Seahawks, but I can actually see us going undefeated this season. I think that if we make it to the Super Bowl we will be playing either the Broncos or the Patriots.

The End of Dexter- I will try and keep this as spoiler free as possible, but if you haven’t seen the finale yet I’d recommend not reading this part… OK first off I am really sad to see it end, Dexter had become one of my favorite shows. The final episode had it’s highs and lows for me, but the two major things that I took away was wow why did they have to kill that character off and why did they need to show that that character lives (if you saw it than you should know what I’m talking about). The major death was kind of a shocker for me, there has been rumors of a spin off series and and I thought it would be about that character. OK Hanna: I never has a huge fan of her to be honest. And having her come back to Miami and then have her pretty much become Harrison’s mother figure was weird, I mean she poisoned Deb not that long ago. OK now to the final scene in the episode: WTF. It didn’t leave much closure and it leaves me wanting to know more about that character and what they’ve been up to.

OK so that’s all that comes to mind that I feel you might wanna hear about. If any of you have questions feel free to ask in the comments. Love you


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