Oregon Trip


John and I at Haystack Rock

Sorry I haven’t been on here to update this thing lately, I have been pretty busy with some stuff. Seeing as how I have another 7 hours for a doctor’s appointment and nothing to do I figured I would jump on here and give you all a little update.

About 2 and a half weeks ago John and I went on a little weekend vacation down to Oregon and we had a lot of fun checking it out.

First off on the day that we went down there was a BBQ that my cousin and her husband were throwing for my grandma’s birthday. It was really fun hanging out with family, because since moving to Kent I haven’t gotten to see them as much. Derrick, my cousin’s husband, made some amazing BBQ ribs and chicken and John and I loved it. We ended up leaving the BBQ around 4ish and hit the road to go down to Oregon.IMAG1683[1]

After the long trip down to Oregon we ended up staying at a really fancy hotel only a few miles from Portland and really enjoyed the pool there. We met up and had dinner with a couple of Johns friends and it was really fun catching up with them. After dinner John and I went up to our room and went to bed.


We woke up the next day and hit the road for Cannon Beach because we really wanted to check out Haystack Rock. After getting there and walking around a little, John stopped me and told me how much he loves me and he pulled out a ring box from his pocket. I was literally speechless. He was just pulling the ring out of the ring box and he ended up dropping it (lol) and he quickly picked it up and put it on my ring finger telling me that it was a promise ring. Oh also if any of you are wondering, it’s a tungsten ring which are super good and really pricey if you go to a store to get it.


My handsome man 🙂


Haystack Rock

After giving me the ring we walked toward Haystack Rock and checked out the tide pools a bit, and I rescued a kids sandals and felt like a nice person hehe

After checking out Haystack Rock, we decided to go to Cannon Beach and check out the little shops there.


While walking around we found an arcade and we played a few games and I actually won a lot on one game, I got like 750 tickets from 50 cents. After doing the arcade we decided to walk up to a little over look of the beach and took some pictures there and really took in the view.


After being at Cannon Beach we drove up to Vancouver Washington while taking some pit stops in the city that John grew up in and we saw his old school and drove by his old house.

That night we stayed in a hotel that was pretty ghetto and I got the whole “there are cameras in this place” vibe from it. That night we watched Dexter on the crappy TV that was in the room and when we got there I literally had to plug in the cable because it wasn’t plugged in (why? I have no idea).

The next day we went to the Oregon Zoo, and after about 30 minutes of trying to find a parking spot, we finally got one. The zoo was super packed and my anxiety was acting up a lot because of how crowded each area was, but I fought through it because I knew how much John wanted to see everything and I didn’t want to ruin the trip for him. We saw some really cool animals and I took a bunch of pictures there.

IMAG1804[1] IMAG1813[1] IMAG1829[1] IMAG1845[1] IMAG1858[1]

Look at how handsome he is!

Look at how handsome he is!

Of course we had to mess around a bit

Of course we had to mess around a bit


After the zoo we went into downtown Portland and had an early dinner at a Bear pub and it was really good. After that we went a few doors down and went to a gay bar to have drinks and it only had like 5 people there and was a little to “twinkish” for us so we just paid for our drinks after we were done and left to come back home.

The trip was much needed for both of us and I can’t wait until we do one again.


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