The Origin of The Obsolete Life


Obsolete life? Wow that’s a bit depressing, don’t cha think? Yeah I do, but the word Obsolete has another meaning that is the complete opposite of what you might think. Obsolete (as an adjective) means that something is no longer in general use, but if you use it as a verb it means to replace with something newer or better.

That’s what I’m trying to do with my life right now. Without going into much detail, I can honestly say that my life was falling apart a little over a year ago. I had little hope of getting better and often times contemplated suicide, but God kept me hoping that things would get better and in early May of 2012 that all changed: I met John.

John is the best boyfriend anyone could ever hope for, he is loving, funny, patient, and kind and he shows me each and everyday by how he loves me that God does care and he does answer prayers.

This blog was actually his idea from awhile ago. At first I was like “Ppt who’d wanna hear about me and my problems?”, but earlier this year I had a bit of a medical anomaly on a blood test and ended up having to have a liver biopsy on the 3rd of July. Luckily everything turned out to be good, but that general shock of “What’s wrong with me?” made me start wondering what my impression would be on this earth and the lives of those around me if I suddenly got sick and died.

My hopes with this blog is to talk about my struggles and my joy, and hopefully it will be seen by someone that can relate and (hopefully) I can inspire them to not give up.


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